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portable laser stage lighting with usb cablefor power rechargeable(sc-lsl-1005)
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portable laser stage lighting with usb cablefor power rechargeable(sc-lsl-1005)

Product Functions & Featrues:
Name:portable laser stage lighting with usb cablefor power rechargeable
Model No.:sc-lsl-1005
Memo:portable, laser stage lighting,usb cablefor power rechargeable,Green +Red Laser star Projector, Blue LED
Country of Origin: China
Export Markets: Worldwide

New developped Mini laser star projector, it can make millions of star in your room with amazing effect. The stars are constantly moving and morphing, just like a proper Universe should. And there are literally thousands of green and red laser stars to look at. There are two ways you can adjust your Laser Stars Projector, first you can pivot the projector itself 360 degrees horizontally around the base so that you can control *where* it is projecting in your room. It can literally fill up an entire ceiling and portions of several walls at once.
Built in lithium battery inside can use 3 hours. with USB cable for power rechargeable.

Packing List:
1.Projector 1pc
2.Charger 1pc(W/USB)
3.Owen's Manual 1pc
4.Tripod 1pc

Color:silver and black
Laser pattern:Star sky (Red+Green)
Power: AC power supply input AC110-240V/50-60HZ£¬Output 5.0V/0.5A

Home party,Camping,Birthday,Bar,Disco ,Stage, KTV......

1.Please operate the projector according to the Manual strictly.

2.This unit is intended for indoor use only and should be prevented from water, moisture and shake.

3.The working temperature of this unit is 15~30¡æ£¬and it must be powered off after continuously working 2 hours to let the laser diode cool down.

4.To keep the body of this unit clean to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

5.Do not turn on or off it frequently and try to avoid making it work for a long time.

6.Do not use the telescope to watch the laser rays, otherwise it will be dangerous.

7.You'd better use the original package during the transportation.

1.The grade of the laser is Class III B, and will be dangerous if exposure to the eyes directly.

2.The working voltage is 110-220V/50-60HZ£¬once exceed this range its lifetime will be shorten.

Other Informations:

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