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USB Penguin Shape Privacy Lock With Home Version and Office Version(sc-lock-130)
(Click above image for a large Photo) 

USB Penguin Shape Privacy Lock With Home Version and Office Version(sc-lock-130)

Product Functions & Featrues:
Name:USB Penguin Shape Privacy Lock With Home Version and Office Version
Model No.:sc-lock-130
Memo:USB, Penguin Shape, Privacy Lock, Home Version , Office Version
Country of Origin: China
Export Markets: Worldwide

Functions and Technical Specifications:

Household version

This version is customized for the children; protect them against being lost in internet surfing, game playing, webcam and chatting (QQ or MSN), blue movie browsing and other erotic web viewing

Main Features

1. Privacy

Building a private room in your computer and save all your own important documents and information, meanwhile you can install your prior software in the private room for your own use; only through the USB lock can you open your own private room!

2. Bad information supervision and control

All ill information of egotism, violence, drug, swindle, crime and etc ion your PC can be shut off automatically

3. Internet Lock

All websites which is possible to do harm to your children, such as erotic web can be held up automatically; meanwhile, you can set up the designated website for your children login, such as Education web and University web

4. Program lock

Through this lock, you can set up the non-running program such chatting program QQ, MSN, SINA UC, SKYPE, game program (2D or 3D game or internet game ), film playing (such as real player which can use to play blue movie ), download program (to protect to download some evil film); Meanwhile you can set up the designated program for your children use

5. PC lock

You can set up the time limit; what date can you use and how long you will last; that can be against children being lost in PC playing

6. Document lock

Through this set up, you can lock or protect your VIP documents, files and whole disk (such as D disk or E disk) against being deleted or altered

7. Information examine

You can look over what website your children are login, what program, software, files and documents are you children running and reviewing. Through this function you can also have a good understanding of your children hobbies, habit and what they are thinking; and thus related training and communication between you and your children are going on for the sake of your children health mentally and physiologically.

8. Screen video

This function can save all pictures of evil information (whatever is visited, not only web, but files and documents being viewed, which is held up by this privacy lock), on the files you set up (the default path of installed software is in the PIC directory) for you reviewing.

Company version

Are you worried that your PC is used by somebody else? Worried your confidential documents are copied? Worried your staff is lost in erotic web viewing; chatting and playing game during the working time and then has a bad effect on their work?

Main Features:

1. privacy

Building a private room in your computer and save all your own important documents and information, meanwhile you can install your prior software in the private room for your own use; only through the USB lock can you open your own private room

2. Documents protect

Through program set up, you can lock your confidential documents and files, even the whole DISK (such as C disk or D disk) to protect all documents against being altered or delete.

3. lock-pull-out set up

You can set up the mode of PC auto-lock when lock is pulled out, such as screen lock, restart, hold on, and close. This function can make sure that it is very convenient and quick to close the computer.

4. lock-push-in set up

This function can make you run the often-use program during the designated time without repeat work only when you pull in the lock.


Safety: Child-protective lock, characterized with its unable to copy, unable to read and other technologies, consists of a set of software and password dog, both of which work at the same time; meanwhile it contains some international advanced tech of anti-delete, anti-terminate, anti-unlock and anti-uninstall ;

Easily install and use this lock, small-sized, like the U disk on the appearance, is quite easy to use as you use the door key and lock; pull in and it works; push out it stops; no password.

You can install this software in your computer; it works when you start your computer and it stops when you close your computer; impossible to find it exists, impossible to uninstall and close it (if pulling in the lock, it can be uninstalled)

Other Informations:

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