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Motorized docking station for iPod/iphone(sc-speaker-403)
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Motorized docking station for iPod/iphone(sc-speaker-403)

Product Functions & Featrues:
Name:Motorized docking station for iPod/iphone
Model No.:sc-speaker-403
Memo:Motorized, docking station, for iPod/iphone
Country of Origin: China
Export Markets: Worldwide

This item is handy,light,and elegant,ideal for your pleasure.It can fit anywhere,everywhere,anytime.You can now share your personal favorite music with a friend on a beach,in a country park,or even at a ski resort,where you can blend your music with the sounds of nature. It can be put into a loader and moved to the designated position. You can then stay free playing your music in an open area,experiencing the best of two worlds--music and nuture!

Plays and Charges docked iPod.
Motorized loader is easy to being used.
PLL digital FM stereo radio of 20 preset station.
Large LCD display with dimmer light.
Dual Alarm Clock / Time.
Powerful, Deep bass for option.
Sleep or wake to your favorite iPod tunes, radio or buzzer.
Play mode: repeat one, repeat all,random play.
Aux input jack for MP3 players or other audio device.
Reset jack for resume to work caused by crash from improper operation, thunderbolt, or static .

Other Informations:

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motorized docking station for iPod,iphone speaker,ipod speaker

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