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Most of us have used PCs connected to LCD projectors when giving PowerPoint presentations. And we all know how frustrating it can be to have to stay close to the PC in order to advance the slide show. The problem we face is that we always seem to be blocking someone's view. Using the RC laser pointer (Power Presenter) eliminates this problem. When connected properly, you can control the presentation (forward and reverse) from up to 20m away. The unit works with the Mac OS 8, Windows 98, NT, 2000,XP and above.
The RC laser pointer consists of only two parts: The RC laser pen and a USB Receiver. The kit even comes with a gift box or a nylon bag in which to put all the parts when you're on the road.
Following the instruction sheet included in the package, installation was fast and easy. Windows 2000,XP OS can install the receiver automatically, no special driver needed, the only thing is plug the receiver into PC USB port. In Windows 98, as soon as we plugged the USB Receiver into the USB port, the New Hardware Wizard came up and asked us for a driver. We were instructed to put in the Windows 98 CD, and the wizard found and loaded the file. The wizard then completed the installation and returned the system to our full control. We then launched a PowerPoint presentation, and the remote worked beautifully. It should be noted that the RC laser pointer does not prevent you from also using the mouse or keyboard keys to control the presentation.

Infrared remote-control laser pointer
An infrared remote-control laser pointer capable of emitting a pointing light spot is provided with an infrared transmitter to work with a receiver electrically connected to a computer. By selectively pushing one of two push-button switches externally provided on the laser pointer, an encoded infrared signal is emitted and transmitted from the pointer to the receiver. When the transmitted infrared signal is decoded and determined as a correct signal, a signal emulating a mouse-controlled page up or down instruction is input to the computer via a USB interface to perform the page up or down function on the computer. Thus, a user may independently, quickly, and correctly control the computer to page up or down while using the laser pointer to report in a briefing or teach in a classroom.

Radio Frenquency remote-control laser pointer
The functions of a radio frenquency remote-control laser pointer are similar to those infrared remote-control laser pointer, the distinction between them is the Radio frequency (RF) technology, superior to infrared, you don't need to aim the remote or worry about line-of-sight obstructions.
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