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  Product introduction

Name: RC Laser Pointer(a perfect promotion gift)
Model No.: SC-LP-108
Brand Name: O.E.M
Country of Origin: China
Minimum Order: 50 pc
Certification: CE/FCC /ROHS

Main Function: 1. Laser pointer function
2. Remote control Page up/down function
RC laser pointer is a new electronical product which is specially designed for electroincal presentation with PC.Included the function of traditional laser pointer,it can wirelessly excute the PageDown,PageUp function by simply press the buttons on the pen.Presenters could control the presentation at a fairly long distance from the presentation computer,consequently, the presenter could get about in the classroom,the meeting-room or the lecture hall to communicate interactively with the audience so that the presentation could get a better effects!

Feature: 1.This RC Laser pointer work with a receiver,the receiver is USB plug-and-play. No driver required.
2.System: WINDOWS98/2000/ME/XP Linux & Mac OS
3.Infrared technology.
4.Control distance: no less than 20m
5.Working voltage: 3V
6.Sleep current: 1uA
7.Wavelength: 650nm
8.Max output: < 1mW
9.Laser distance:>200M
10.We have 4 types of receiver ,you can choose any of it
11.the color and the surface of the pen can be customized

Product Size: ф14×119mm
Packing: 1. Color box
2. Gift box

Battery:3 x LR44 ( button cell )
Export Markets: Global
Pricing: Competitive
Ship Date︰ 3-10days

Product Desc ription
1)General desc ription The RC laser pointer system is composed of a transmitter(pen) and a receiver,there are 3 buttons on the pen which controls "PageUp","PageDown","laser point" function respectively,a USB pin lines the receiver body which is pluged into thr computer's USB port when working.
To make your presentations flow continuously, the RC laser pointer integrates the slide page up/down functions with a laser pointer on a remote hand held device using a wireless technology. the laser pointer' s attractive and compact design enables mobility of up to 20 meters from the PC while still maintaining a full navigational control of your presentations.
The RC laser pointer does not require any special driver, conveniently plug and play.

2)Key features 1) plug and play function,no pc programming needed
2) working on any computer using a usb port
3) remote control range over 20m with a very low power.

3)Installation and Usage
1) plug the receiver into usb port.
2)begin your presentation.

4)Special notice
1)do not aim the laser pointer to the eye directly. it may damage the eye!
2) the laser pointer can not be sold to children.

The RC laser pointer is very suitable for:
presiders, teachers,professors,trainers,salesman when presentation in class,meeting,forum,exhibition,lecture, etc.,especially,the RC laser pointer is a graceful gift for commercial advertisement!

The RC laser pointer support the following file formats:
*.PPT,*.DOC, *.XLS and any other Microsoft office documents, *.JPEG,*.HTML,etc
color and surface of the pen can be customized, we can print LOGO on the surface according to the requirement of customers.
ATTENTION: laser radiation is harmful to the eyes. do not stare into the beam! never point the laser beam to a human or animal.


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